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After witnessing the amazing results that my teammate Payton Tivis received by using the Pure Harmony Pendant, I wanted to meet with Robert to see if I could also receive similar results with my overall performance levels.


I can't even to begin to explain all the benefits I received from the Pure Harmony Pendant! A year ago at this time I was a decent athlete but through training and the use of the Pure Harmony Pendant I turned in one of the top pro day performances in the country, and I have now signed with the world champion Green Bay Packers! What’s even more amazing is that I only played 1 year of college football which was actually a last minute decision!!!


I truly felt that the Pure Harmony Pendant and the new prototype Sports Pendant made a major impact on my pro day performances including my 40-yard dash, 3 cone, vertical, shuttle, and also with my route running!


Only two days after using the new prototype Sports Pendant, I dropped my previous 40 time by .07 of a second, helping me to run a 4.45. That very same day I shattered my previous 3 cone time by running a 6.31. My agent told me he had not even heard of a football player running that fast of a 3 cone time. Two weeks later with a little added harmonizing work from Robert I ran a 4.43 and a 4.41, 40 yard dash.  I felt that the Pendants were very instrumental in helping me to achieve these extremely fast times!!!

The Pendants have always provided me amazing quick recovery from a number of small injuries and have kept me "dialed in" and performing at my very highest and best at all times!!!!


Thanks Robert for all your help!

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